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CBD Tablets

What are CBD tablets?

Created with simplicity and convenience in mind, Cibdol CBD tablets offer a straightforward way to consume high-quality CBD. The easy-to-swallow tablets are a tasteless and odourless alternative to traditional CBD oils and CBD capsules.

Not only are they perfect for individuals that find the taste of CBD oil off-putting, but the discreet tablets travel easily through the digestive system. For an impactful experience that lasts all day, CBD tablets are the ideal choice.

Why use Cibdol CBD tablets?

CBD tablets offer several unique benefits, including:

• Accurate and precise dosing: Each tablet contains the same predefined amount of CBD extract.

• Tasteless and odourless: Enjoy a seamless CBD experience with a completely neutral taste.

• Outstanding quality: State-of-the-art equipment and independent third-party testing ensure consistent, high-quality CBD extract in every tablet.

• A variety of formats: Pick the CBD concentration that suits your needs, with a complete range to choose from (5–40%).

• Total convenience: Take CBD wherever and whenever you need with tablets that are practical and discreet.

What types of CBD tablets are there?

To ensure everyone can benefit from the influence of our high-quality CBD tablets, Cibdol offers a range of concentrations.

Our milder concentrations (5% and 10%) are ideal for those new to CBD, or individuals that need a light boost to well-being. The 15% and 20% CBD tablets provide a substantial CBD dose that’s well-suited to users experienced in the vast impact of CBD.

Our strongest CBD tablets (30% and 40%) employ a concentrated formula for maximum impact. Consider these if you’re using CBD to address a particular issue or well-being need.

CBD tablets vs CBD capsules and CBD oil

It’s common for users to ask about the benefits of CBD tablets over traditional ranges such as CBD softgels or CBD oils. Compared to both, CBD tablets offer a truly neutral taste; and, with an appearance similar to that of paracetamol, no one needs to know you’re taking CBD if you don’t want them to.

CBD tablets also contain a standardised CBD dose, making it easier to monitor your intake compared to CBD drops. Regardless of which format you choose, each tablet uses the same golden-grade formula for a seamless experience.

Why buy Cibdol CBD tablets?

As Europe’s leading provider of CBD products, the quality of our tablets is second to none.

We guarantee the following for all of our CBD tablets:

• Produced to the highest possible standard: Pharmaceutical-grade facilities and the industry’s brightest minds ensure outstanding quality.

• Naturally grown material: We use naturally grown European hemp, free from artificial chemicals and GMOs, as the foundation for our CBD extract.

• Third-party testing: Every batch of CBD we produce is independently tested by an accredited laboratory—you can consume CBD tablets with total confidence.

Buy your CBD tablets from Cibdol today and experience the simplest way to benefit from our golden-grade CBD extract.

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